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Our next project, The Confessions of Merlin is a book of historical fiction about the legendary figure of Merlin.  Check back for more information!

Detail of a miniature from St. Alban’s Chronicle (15th century) showing the boy Merlin as he explains the phenomenon of the battling red and white dragons to King Vortigern.  Lambeth Palace Library, London.

In the meantime, you can learn about our four current publications by clicking on the links below:

Enoch Walked with God

Sweet River Fool

The Glory of Kings

and Larry Hunt’s Bible Commentary.  You can also become a Facebook Fan of our work by clicking the banner on the right hand side!

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THE GLORY OF KINGS - A proposal for why God will always be the best explanation for the existence of the universe.

SWEET RIVER FOOL - Alcoholic, homeless, and alone, Snody despaired of life until a seemingly chance encounter with Saint Francis of Assisi led him to the joys of Christ and the redemption of his soul…

ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD - Enoch had a beautiful soul and walked with God in many ways. This book invites children to imagine what some of those ways might have been while presenting them with a wonderful model for their own lives.


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