Notes on the Book of Revelation: Chapter 1, Part 3

Larry Hunt Bible Commentary // St. John Receiving the Revelation

St. John Receiving the Revelation


Vs. 17-18: I think these verses mirror v. 8, perhaps not exactly (except in the first clause) but enough to suggest a parallel.[10] See notes on v. 6.

v. 8 “I am the alpha and the omega”        v. 17 “I am the first and the last”

v. 8 “who is”                                                   v. 18 “the living one”

v. 8 “and who was”                                       v. 18 “I was dead”

v. 8 “and who is to come”                            v. 18 “I am alive forever and ever”

v. 8 “the Almighty”                                       v. 18 “I have the keys of Death”

v. 18: When Christ says he has the keys of Death, I believe this is intended to be comforting, not threatening.  He is not saying, “Obey me or I will slay you,” but rather he is saying, “Take heart; I have made a way for the dead to escape from the land of the dead and enter into the Kingdom of Life.”

v. 20: Christ says John “saw” the vision.  I take this to mean that at the time John is talking to him here, the vision has passed.


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