Notes on the Book of Daniel: Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

File:Joseph Overseer of the Pharaohs Granaries.jpg

Joseph Overseer of the Pharaoh’s Granaries

by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Note the parallels between Joseph and Daniel.

a) In their youth, both were made captives in a  strange and powerful land.

b) Both are famous for their ability to interpret dreams.

c) This skill at dream interpretation was instrumental in their eventually being promoted to second-in-command of the nations into which they had been brought as captives.

v. 11: I wonder what the scenario is here.  Did Daniel (after being regretfully denied his request by Ashpenaz) go to the guard with his proposal without letting Ashpenaz know?  Or did he make the proposal to the guard in the presence of Ashpenaz after the prince of the eunuchs (Ashpenaz) expressed his reservations?

v. 21: I believe this is given, not as the date of his death (10:1), but to show that he lived to see Israel return to their home.

[1] See notes on 11:40-45.

[2] See notes on chapters 2 and 7.


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