Solomon’s Song of Songs Chapter 7 Notes

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v. 10: When she says that her Beloved’s desire is for her, she makes an allusion to the curse in Genesis 3:16,[2] which reads, “Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”  Here, however, the wording is inverted: the husband’s desire is for her.  I believe this is a poetic way of saying that their relationship is idyllic, like Adam and Eve’s before the fall, before the curse.  This inversion is not implying that the poet believes the man’s desire was for the woman before the fall in the same way that the woman’s was for the man afterward, but rather that the love shared between the Shulamite and Solomon is so powerful that it turns the curse on its head and reverses its effects.  For those who see mystical allusions to Christ and his bride (the Church) in the Song of Solomon, this passage should be particularly poignant since Christ’s love for us has the same effect on the curse.


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