1st Samuel 10 Notes

Chapter 10


v. 6: Being “turned into a different person” is a positive thing in this context, whatever it may mean specifically.  I don’t believe it refers only to the time of prophesying (in which case it might mean that he would fall into some type of ecstasy) because v. 9 seems to indicate that it happened before the prophesying.  It might refer to God’s making him bold enough to accept the task.  If so, it doesn’t seem to have been a permanent or irresistible change (10:22).


v. 11: “Is Saul among the prophets?” At first this is an expression of genuine surprise that Saul is among the prophets.  It doesn’t seem to have any negative undertones, and the proverb might be applied to anyone who is doing something out of character by displaying a gift which nobody knew he or she had.


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