Judges 12 Notes

Chapter 12


This childishness on the part of Ephraim is almost comical.  It is obvious from Jephtha’s words (vs. 2-3) that no wrong had been done to them; they were only jealous of Jephtha’s victory.  I believe it is worth mentioning that this behavior on Ephraim’s part only seems to occur against Manasseh.[1]Here the personality of Jephtha contrasts with that of Gideon.  I do not believe Jephtha was a thoughtful man, as opposed to Gideon, and I believe he was much more likely to turn violent.  When one considers this, and what sort of mood he must have been in after the events concerning his beloved daughter, it is little wonder that he had no patience for these Ephraimites and killed 42,000 of them.


[1] Ephraim and Manasseh were both the sons of Joseph, son of Jacob (Israel).  Another similar incident was against Gideon, who was from Manasseh as well (8:1).


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