Genesis 14 Notes

Genesis 14

v. 13: I suppose Abram is called “The Hebrew” because he stands out as a foreigner, a descendant of Shem living among the Canaanites, descendants of Ham.

V. 18: Melchizedek is a fascinating individual. He was a historical person, a priest-king of Salem, and it is most reasonable to believe that he was a Canaanite since this is the land of Canaan. [1] Otherwise, it seems likely that some mention would have been made concerning the foreign status of so prominent an individual.  (Note Abram’s designation as “The Hebrew” in v. 13.)  There is a dignity and power flowing from him which nobody else in the story (including Abram) possesses.  Note that the four kings do not bother him in their run through Canaan.  Note also that Abram paid him tithes willingly.  I get the impression that everybody gives him such respect because of his righteousness and his status as priest of God Most High.  He is not mentioned as a great military power, so I do not believe their respect is due to that.


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