Calhoun Times press release about my novel, Sweet River Fool

Local flavor abounds in Sweet River

“Sweet River Fool” tells the story of an elderly homeless man named Snody (pronounced “Snow-dee”) who begs and scavenges for a living in the small north Georgia towns of Gordon County.

Despairing over his alcoholism and poverty, Snody tries to take his own life but mercifully botches the attempt. In the wake of this failure, he discovers a children’s book about Saint Francis of Assisi and is captivated by the medieval saint’s life. What fascinates him most is the fact that Francis was able to experience contentment and joy in the midst of complete poverty. Inspired by admiration for Francis and a desire to understand the mystery behind his joy, Snody begins to model his own life on the saint’s. In the course of doing so, he befriends Clare, a teenage atheist who is drawn to Snody’s simple faith and gentle humor. By the novel’s end, both Snody and Clare find their lives paralleling that of Francis in ways that they never imagined possible.

A native of Atlanta, author Larry Hunt grew up making frequent visits to Sugar Valley, the home of his grandparents, Bill and Lois Johnson.

“I love the mountains of north Georgia and have a deep sense of belonging there,” says Hunt. “My mother’s family has roots in Gordon County that go back to the pre-Civil War era.” Hunt’s grandmother, to whom the novel is dedicated, was the daughter of Claude and Louella Greeson, who raised their eleven children on a seventy-five acre farm in Resaca. It was his love of this area that inspired Hunt to set the novel in Gordon County.

“Sweet River itself is a fictional town, but I locate it in Gordon County and make reference to real places like Calhoun, Resaca, and Sugar Valley,” he says. “I feel the presence of God very strongly in those mountains and thought that they would make an ideal setting for the story.”

Of course, the theme of that story transcends place and time. It is a tale of redemption, of finding God, but it should be particularly interesting for anyone who shares Hunt’s love of north Georgia and sees God’s signature in the beauty of its countryside and the faith of its people.

Larry Hunt received his PhD in Comparative Literature from The University of Georgia and is currently an Associate Professor of English at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.

To purchase a copy or find out more about Sweet River Fool, visit The Eastern Gate Press at https://easterngatepress.wordpress.com/sweet-river-fool/


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