The Opening Lines of Beowulf

My recitation of the opening lines of Beowulf in Old English.  Thanks to Carl Walker for putting the video together.

Hwæt! We Gar-Dena   in gear-dagum

þeod-cyninga,   þrym gefrunon,

hu ða æþelingas   ellen fremedon!

Oft Scyld Scefing   sceaþena þreatum


monegum mægþum   meodo-setla ofteah;

egsode eorl[as]   syððan ærest wearð

feasceaft funden;   he þæs frofre gebad,

weox under wolcnum,   weorð-myndum þah,

oðæt him æghwylc   þara ymb-sittendra

ofer hron-rade   hyran scolde,

gomban gyldan.   Þæt wæs god cyning!




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